2017: Year in Review

sea sunset

This was a strange year. No getting around it.

  • We moved in to our new house President’s Day weekend of 2017. My dad and stepmom still lived in it. We boxed along, house-sharing until they found a place in town, until August. Then we helped them move out as we moved our stuff in. Two for the price of one! Thanks to all who assisted with that endeavor. And this is a great party house. Look out! 
  • Zac graduated from high school in June. He now attends Concordia University in Portland. Way to go, Zac!
  • Jonathon’s parents came and visited us to celebrate both Zac’s graduation and the 10th anniversary of Anna’s Bay Chorale, which included both a wonderful concert and a gala dinner with dancing. Jonathon is the artistic director.
  • I left the City of Shelton in May and started a position with Thurston County in August.
  • At the end of June, Jonathon and I travelled to Cozumel, Mexico, to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Can I just say that was the highlight of the year? We swam and snorkeled in the warm Pacific. I scuba dived for the first time. Scuba dove? We tried new foods. We goofed off and saw iguanas on the street. It was a grand adventure. 
  • We got Dakota from Adopt-A-Pet.
  • Ruby started middle school.
  • Jonathon got a long-awaited promotion just this month. He’s now Director of Instructional Design for Concordia University. Huzzah! This will bring some adjustments of its own.
  • I posted more than 80 times this year.
  • I ran 410 miles.
  • It rained over 174 inches in Shelton this past year. That’s more than 14 feet. We swam in the deep end, people!

There are a lot of good things on this list. But as you can see, it’s been a series of transitions and changes throughout the year. (Hmm…sense a theme, anyone?!) It’s not been mellow or relaxed. In fact, some of it has turned out incredibly painful. I felt like this, only less graceful.

Gumby stretching

But through it all, I know God had it in His hands. He knew exactly how this year would go down. He wasn’t surprised by the changes or plot twists. He didn’t freak out. In fact, I know He’s still working it out. This year is over, but the story continues.

Thank you, readers, for your kind support and friendship. You made the year special.

And now darling 2017, I bid you adieu. Thanks for the memories.