Friday Round-Up


Howdy, partners! Happy Friday to you all. This week has felt interminably long due to the fact that it was actually 5 (five) working days. Who came up with this?!

Most of you know I started the job with Thurston County back in August. What you may not know – and what I didn’t know when I took the position – is that the project needed to be approved by the new Board of Commissioners before it could actually go forward. Yeah. Anyway, the Board approved the jail expansion and the RFQ (Request for Qualifications) for an architect/engineer hit the papers today. Woo hoo! Now we’re getting somewhere.

Next week, a group of us from the County will take a work field trip to a local jail to score some design ideas for our project. The jail is called SCORE (South Correctional Entity). Get it? Score? Anyway. It houses inmates for 7 member cities and several other contract cities, with over 800 beds. It’s a glamorous life.

A friend and I went to lunch at King Solomon’s Reef yesterday. I never knew King Solomon *had* a reef until this week. Kind of a dive, but great diner-style food. Not too pricey, and right in downtown Olympia.┬áThe people watching aspect was excellent as well. It made me less homesick for Portland.

The walking/running plan is moving along. I’m making sure to stretch and walk a lot during each day. Our stellar weather streak continues, and is only now starting to cool off with a high of mid-70s during the day. Just about perfect.

How has your week been?