Friday Faith

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This week, I realized I’m working 3 half-time jobs.  I had meetings and reports and all sorts of things going on.  Oh, plus church.  Did I tell you we’re ramping up for our Christmas program?  Yeah.  So, I’m feeling the finiteness of my being keenly this week.  Not enough Susan to go around, folks.

I sometimes reminisce with great fondness of my old life of chores, church, working out and visiting with friends.  Seems so long ago now.  I don’t anticipate things slowing down any time soon. My limited human capabilities remain. But I remembered this:  Jesus said, in Matthew 28:20, in his closing instructions to the apostles:  “And be sure of this, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Bam!  Now peace can flood in.  Because no matter what life throws at you, be it a drenched, windy Friday, or a sunny Monday, Jesus remains at your side.  You don’t have to worry; He’ll never leave you nor forsake you.  The twists and turns of outrageous fortune don’t faze Him. Jesus said it in Hebrews 13:5, but God said it way back in Deuteronomy, too.  Stuff happens.  Life isn’t fair.  But Jesus.  He will make a way.

For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. – Isaiah 43:19


post-milestone-1000-2xI got this badge (above) from WordPress yesterday.  Because yesterday, dear readers, I wrote my 1000th blog post.  Kind of mind boggling, yet my more driven side wonders it didn’t happen a year ago.  Anyway, it encouraged me to think about the future of this blog and what’s realistic.

Despite saying I’d try to post when I can due to taking a full-time job in January, I’ve still tried to post every weekday.  Five days a week.  Sometimes I miss a day.  But I do my best to put something up.  I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, and I think I would like to cut back even more.  I believe the term I’m looking for is intermittent.  I just can’t get it done all the time in the way I’d like, with the swirl of work, home, chores, church and trying to breathe now and then. Though breathing is overrated, in my opinion.

I guess I want you to know that I’m not going away.  But I won’t be as prolific as I used to be.

And…it’s Friday.

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Have a great weekend, everyone!  See you soon.

Two Day Turnaround

I’m sitting here thinking about two things:  writers group yesterday and work today.

I got some time off yesterday, courtesy of my favorite boss, to attend my old writers group.  It meets during the week, during the day. I had to give it up pretty much right away to go back to work full-time. New members had joined the group since I last attended more than 5 months ago. They each read a piece they’d written.  I fell in love with creating with words all over again.  Such vivid descriptions and great characterizations.  I won’t give away their stories here, but I got lost in them. My spirit felt restored again.  I got encouraged and inspired.

Friday dawned different. Work today has been gangbusters. Feel like I’ve got roller skate implants on my feet.  Oh, and contentious.  Had to go toe to toe with a contractor on a project.  Her certified payroll was wonky.

“You underpaid your foreman,” I wrote.  “You’ll need to resubmit revised payrolls.”

“He’s a carpenter,” the gal wrote back. “See the designation above his name?  I included an attachment.”

Never mind that it was a union number reference and said CARP.  I thought that was an acronym. Then we haggled about fringe, the extra money earned that’s sometimes paid in cash, to make up the difference in a prevailing hourly wage. Turns out it was hidden in plain sight, named something else. Good grief. I wanted to tell her I’m only a moron every other Thursday and I do okay walking and chewing gum.  But I doubt she’d believe me.

Sigh. It’s all good, now.  I thanked her for her patience.  Really, I’m the one exhibiting patience here. I could have made her redo the whole shebang, both weeks.  I have that kind of power, since the City is the client in this instance. Hey lady, we pay you, not the other way around.

But what would that serve?  It would only cause division and more contention. i don’t say this to toot my own horn; it’s painful to swallow down self-righteousness.  But it’s what’s needed. Blessed are the peacemakers applies here.

Oh, and both days – yesterday and today – are days God made.  I get to choose my attitude, again. I choose joy.

God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God. – Matthew 5:9

Dressed for Friday

This morning, I sat in the living room next to Jonathon.

“Are you about ready to go, Zac?” I asked.

Zac looked at me.

“Are you staying home today?” he asked, eyebrows raised.

I looked down at my clothes.  Cropped jeans.  Pink t-shirt. Hoodie. Polka dot sneakers with no socks.  I started laughing.

“It’s casual Friday,” I told him.

“Oooh-kay,” he said, shaking his head.

Did I look that bad?  Too casual? This from the boy who wears shorts almost every day.  I mean if I was going to stay home, I’d be in sweatpants or shorts, baby!  Because today, friends, we hit the 70s.  As in degrees.  It was beautiful.  Sunny and warm. Us Pacific NW folks get a little loopy when the sun comes out.  We get excited. And work, well, it gets quiet as a tomb.  People find reasons to be out in that bright light.

Happy Friday, folks!

Friday Fizz

I thought this might be apropos. So glad it’s Friday, even if I didn’t stay up all night. And with Sammy Davis, Jr., too!

Moving on.

I haven’t written a haiku in awhile.

Now I have a job
Files, finances and Friday
What could be better?

Eh.  Thanks for humoring me.

Last night, I discovered Zac’s jeans in my clothing basket. I found them as I sorted clean laundry to put away.
I pulled them out and held them up. A blue-black hue, their stiffness unfolded slowly. The wheels turned. Could I?
I put one leg in, then the other. I shimmied them over my hips. They fit. Huzzah! I did a little jig. They were actually a bit big in the waist yet ran down over my heels. I did some deep knee bends. Hmm.  These could work with that pink shirt…
Remembering myself, I quickly yanked them off, folded them and placed them in Zac’s basket. Looks like I have a new clothing source to borrow from.  Huzzah!
Speaking of Zac, you’ll be glad to know he enjoys high school.  Wait.  Perhaps “enjoy” is too strong a term. He’s finding his way.  In his racquet sports class, his team got 2nd place in the class tournament.  He felt good about that.  He did 60 situps in 90 seconds. I know I couldn’t manage that.  He aced his test in Law. He’s nailing algebra, something I never did.
All of these things make me feel like a dance party is in order.
dance partyCue your own music.

Cozy Friday

It’s pouring outside and 48 degrees.  Really, weather only a duck would love.

Photo by

Photo by

Inside, it’s dry.  I’m in my fleece, hat, boots and jeans.  And foundation garments.  I’m a Bethany grad, after all.  The heat is on…but I’m chilly.  Such is life in the Pacific Northwest. The damp, you know. I’m sipping on another cup of Jonathon’s finest, spiked with chocolate sauce.  It’s twilight at 10:30 a.m. The gas fireplace blazes behind me.

Here are a few reasons to celebrate.  Or in the spirit of nearly-Thanksgiving, to be grateful for:

I’m done with my chores for the week.

I applied for a part-time job with Habitat for Humanity.  Kinda excited about the possibility. Thanks, Zee!

Zac informed me about some required reading.  He read it to me, a story called “The Egg”.  The story depicts a man who dies in a car accident and what he discovers in the afterlife.  Funny stuff.  Turns out it was the wrong story.  His English teacher assigned a story about a mother, father and a little girl raising chickens.  The assigned story is also entitled “The Egg”. Yeah.  Not the same.  But hey, extra credit, right? I’m just glad he’s reading.

“You’re my favorite person,” Ruby told me yesterday, while hugging my midsection. My heart melted.

Jonathon’s out scouting my Christmas present *as I write this*.  Huzzah!

Tonight, we’ll be attending a progressive dinner.  We’ll finally, finally get to know our elusive neighbors. It’s only taken 8 years.

I’m down half a pound.

Happy Friday!






Sesame Street

Today is sunny.  I feel a little giddy and crazy and happy. No, I did not inhale. 

Nothing has changed in my circumstances.  We’re still going along financially.  Jonathon is still unemployed.  I am still working a few hours here and there, more “here” at Harmony Hill every Thursday. I am still short.

The kids are still in school.  We still have a mortgage.  My hair is, well, my hair.  Though tomorrow it will shrink.

It feels like recess today.  Everyone is smiling.  It’s Friday and it’s sunny and the flowers are blooming and it’s getting warmer.  This morning it was below freezing again.  A temporary setback that will shortly be remedied. 

Today, being a grownup doesn’t seem so bad.  Taxes are a distant memory.  All I want to do is play.  In fact, if I had a regular job, today would be perfect for playing hooky.  If I was a senior in high school, definitely Senior Skip Day, which I didn’t get to participate in.  My parents got wind of it and put the kibosh on it.  I had no Ferris Bueller to rescue me from my dreary calculus class.

The best thing about this time in my life?  If I want to play, I can! Anything is possible.

Is this what it’s like to live on Sesame Street?