Twenty-Two Road

Wisconsin cabin

We’ve been on vacation now for just over a week. We’re staying in Poplar, WI – or Hawthorne, WI – depending on which satellite feed picks up on my phone.

It’s truly the middle of nowhere. We’ve got a three-bedroom, two bath cabin in the near-woods. It’s down a gravel drive lined with farms and silos and tall grass. Birds fly up randomly when I pass, like winged confetti. We’ve seen a doe and her fawn from the upstairs window. Orange butterflies abound. Jonathon and Ruby saw fireflies the first night we slept here.

It’s very quiet. In fact, most of the time the only sound is the wind rustling the trees. Very little traffic passes up or down 22 Road. You have to want to get here. My runs have all been on gravel roads. The good part is that I’m not running with semis on my left. The bad part is gravel.

The weather has turned rainy. It’s 59 degrees right now, with 94% humidity. A light drizzle falls. Checking in at Shelton, WA, it’s 57 degrees and 100% humidity. The cool and humid I am used to. I can run fine in it. It’s when it’s warm and humid that I struggle.

We like it out here. The house has a couple of quirks, however. Like there are no books or games, save the Uno cards we brought. The well-appointed upstairs bath has a shower head that aims at the back wall. It’s mounted over 6 feet up and can’t be adjusted. I have to adjust to it, finding my way into the spray. The mirror over the sink is placed so I can see the top of my head. If I stand on tiptoe, I can see my face down to the top of my cheekbones. Methinks a giant lives here.

So far, traveling has been great. Yet new digs mean a certain amount of accommodation t0 place, food, culture, climate, you name it. I like to know what’s going on and to be in control. I’m pretty good at that. Sometimes I get frustrated at not knowing what’s next. But it’s alright to go with the flow and enjoy what arises. Like going to a church gathering with your best friend from college at a Lake Superior shore. Church on the beach, yes! We got to meet a lot of her youth group and great folks that attend her congregation. We dipped our toes into the largest lake in the U.S. Ruby found a rainbow handful of rounded agates, shaped by the waves of the lake.

Changes in circumstances help take off our rough edges. I think if we pay attention, life has surprises around every corner.  We only have to open our eyes and look. We can find beauty.