Growing Pains

growing pains tv.jpg

(Not the TV show. )

Update: Wally and I are still together. A couple of days ago, my right foot felt better. I wore two matching shoes. I guess I cheated on Wally. Don’t tell him. My foot hurt a little, but it was nice to feel like I had a cohesive outfit on. It’s getting better. I’m doing deeper stretches and it seems to help.

I’ve realized something. Our house, the one that my dad and stepmom used to own, probably won’t be a showplace anymore. Jonathon and I both work full-time. We have 2 kids who live with us, and 3 pets, also living with us full-time. Between the extensive grounds and 3,000 square feet of house, it’s a lot. Can I enjoy what is and work on things as I’m able, or will I succumb to the pressure of perfectionism? Stay tuned.

Jonathon and I spent some time praying about it, feeling a bit overwhelmed. As we prayed, I felt like the Lord impressed two words on me: growing pains. Aha! Well, that makes sense. We’ve never had such a large, beautiful home and yard before. We don’t know how to manage it all. This means we’re going to have to grow into it, like kids growing into new clothes. We have to roll up our pants and sleeves until our limbs lengthen. We’re excited to wear them, but might need to wait a few months before they fit correctly.

Then we went to church. My brother preached on – you guessed it – growing pains. Seemed a confirmation of sorts. The context was parenting, but the idea is the same. We need to help our kids grow, through gracious love and correction, into the people God created them to be. Shouldn’t that extend to ourselves as well? We’re called the children of God, after all. I’m learning. For sure and for certain, it takes me *forever*, but I’m learning. I’m never going to be perfect. Never. Only one person who ever was, and we crucified Him. It was for the best reason, to bring us into relationship with the Father, but still. Something to think about.

So today, right now, I leave regrets behind. I let fall away all the old things. The dead things, including the failed attempts at relationships, activities, jobs, etc. I want to be free. I want to be able to love and serve in the present, not weighted down with baggage and wishes.

Both wearing Wally and living in this new residence have caused me to rethink my ways, to slow down and consider. I’m taking a breath. In Christ, I can extend grace and patience as I get better and as we figure out the best ways to dwell anew. 


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