I drove out to Olympia today to drop off some contracts for signature. I used Google maps to find the contractor. The bossy GPS lady directed me to I-5 North, then into a commercial area. I missed it the first time. I passed the cemetery and looped around the block.

“Turn left, then right,” she directed me. I pulled into a well-maintained lot.

Wait. No company name, no signs anywhere. Strange. Yet the address matched. Hmm. I parked the car and walked to the entrance.

Thurston County Medic One.jpg


The sign on the locked door said something like, “This is a locked facility. To gain access, choose which entity you need to reach. For Medic One, dial 99. For Emergency Services, dial 98.” To the left of the door was a handset and a speaker. Great.

I looked up the contractor’s phone number online.

“I’m looking for BCE Construction,” I said.

“This is,” the gal on the other end said.

“Hi. Is your address 8000 McLellum Ave.?”

“No,” she said.

Oh. She didn’t give me her actual physical address.

“Well, I’ve got a couple of contracts here needing signatures. It’s the retaining wall project for Thurston County. I’m with the County.”

“Oh,” she said, light dawning. “The bosses are on an out of town job right now. they’ll be back tomorrow. Could one come to you?”

Infinitely easier.

“Yes,” I replied. We worked out the details. 

As I drove back, I had to chuckle. I found what is called Thurston County’s TCOMM building. It’s next to the Olympia Food Co-op as well. Great. Turns out that’s where the project will be performed, inside the TCOMM building. Sometimes, the only way to find things is to get lost.