Inspired Soles

new running shoes


For Mother’s Day, Jonathon took me shoe shopping. I needed new running shoes. I always wait to get them until this time of year. Because that’s when the 300-500 mileage limit usually kicks in. It’s also the season where the weather up here starts to turn sunny more often. Also, running outside in the sun makes the heart sing.

I have small feet. Which makes sense, because I’m a short person. Or so I’ve been told. I wear a size 5 in shoes. Guess who makes size 5 shoes? Almost no one. So I size up to 6, which seems to work after I put in an insert (child’s) and don socks. I can’t go any larger than that, though. Most stores carry very few size 6s, hence the lack of selection on popular styles.

These shoes, Asics as my favorite brand, were not my first choice. I liked the purple and green shoes best. Wish they would have had my size. I’m so glad running shoes and all workout shoes aren’t stuck as white with a colored stripe anymore. All kinds of rainbow-colored shoes stock the shelves now. It’s fabulous, like a flower garden of mesh, laces and rubber.

I took this new pair for 2016 out for a spin yesterday morning. I think Dorothy was onto something. Shoes have a magical power. These don’t have red rhinestones on them or a fancy heel, but they did inspire me. As I flew down the street, I realized I need to race again. It’s time to push the limits, to dream again. I’m done transitioning to working full-time. Now, which race? What distance? When?

Personal size should not inhibit the size of your dreams. Mercifully, dreams can be tailored to fit you and your life goals..What’s your big dream? Have you laid it down, now that we’re almost halfway through the year? Maybe it’s time to pick it back up again. Let’s do this.