I’ll take this one, please.

Dakota and I were out early this morning. We had thunderstorms yesterday and the air smelled sweet. I listened to the bird’s music as we romped up and down the driveway. The morning got lighter and lighter. Rex intercepted me now and then, striking a pose with a plaintive yowl, needing pets.

I sit at the island to write this. The aromas of fresh brewed coffee and stargazer lilies mingle together and bring back memories. Twenty-seven years ago today, Jonathon and I got married. It was a night wedding in Vegas (not like that), at his parents’ Nazarene church. Two punk kids, mostly broke, helped along by generous contributions to the wedding and the planning thereof. My bouquet held roses and stargazer lilies and an abundance of other foliage. Must have weighed 20 pounds. And I loved it.

What can you get us to commemorate this auspicious day? Glad you asked. A quick Google search revealed this:

Over the past 27 years a special marriage has sculpted the way a couple views life, love, and family. To celebrate this unique relationship, the modern anniversary gift guide for 27th anniversary gifts suggests giving the gift of sculpture.”

Mmmkay. This *never* would have occurred to me. “Bring me a sculpture!” But wait, there’s more.

“When most people think of sculpture they picture enormous marble nudes (yikes!), used as the centerpieces in public fountains or displayed in a museum. Few consider that a sculpture can be of diminutive proportions as well as gigantic ones, and everything in between.” (The Printable Wedding, n.d.).

So I guess enormous marble nudes are out, though we have the space to place them. The birds would love ’em. But still. I don’t know any sculptors. Do you? I mean, who would model for them? Us? No fanks, as Zac used to say.

I am grateful Jonathon stuck with me this long. Marriage is the constant combining of two lives into one, mutual submission and preferring the other more than yourself. I can’t imagine this life without his constant affection, belief in us and love. God has been so good to us. It’s not been an easy journey, yet it has been worth it. Our marriage is the sculpture. Jesus has been shaping us, chipping away at the hard edges and excess stone, changing us from glory to glory day by day. Our one flesh is His handiwork.

Romans 8:18 – Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.




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