Doggedly Running

Dakota today

This morning, the air was warmer. Instead of subzero, it was 44 degrees. No rain, but the ground was wet from yesterday’s showers. The trees dripped sporadically. I tossed the ball to Dakota and breathed in the clean air.

It felt like a great day for a run.

But I should mention I still live in a construction zone. Well, to clarify, the construction part lies dormant during the winter. Should pick back up in the spring-summer. For now, the much-vaunted pedestrian path is compacted pebbles and is supposedly closed to foot traffic. Tell that to the people from all walks of life I see out…walking it. Less than before the construction, of course, but still using it.

I didn’t want to drive to a place to run. I’m kinda over it. Though I know I will probably have to get re-over it right quick if I want to run longer. I considered walking up the path to familiar, flat neighborhoods. But it’s dark to walk that way and the path is uneven.

I got an idea.

Why couldn’t I just run along our little crescent-shaped access road? It’s not very long, and if the rain started up in earnest, I wouldn’t be far from shelter. Plus Dakota could run with me off-leash. I have always wanted to run with her.

So I cleaned up the kitchen, took out the trash and took myself out, too. I walked to the top of the driveway. I turned left and ran until it got too dark to see. Dakota followed. Then I turned around and ran the other direction. Dakota got the hint. She raced alongside me. I giggled. The end of the road on this side got brighter as we headed towards the lamp post. It gave us enough light to see a black, funnel-shaped puddle near the end. I leapt over the skinny part because I dislike wet feet. Dakota jumped straight in and rolled her ball in it. I laughed. To each her own.

We ran back and forth, back and forth on the road. I walked a bit. I guess I’m trying out intuitive running. The streetlights shone down. A young man walked by above us, hood up and burdened with a large pack. He shot us a half smile as we ran by.

I didn’t run long. Maybe put in a little over a mile. I walked back down the driveway and spotted a star twinkling in the east. It wasn’t the sign of a newborn heavenly king but it gave me hope nonetheless.