Friday Frippery

Today, I taught my 10th kettlebell class.  Woot!  I’m learning to make it up on the fly. When I taught this past Wednesday morning, I forgot my workout sheet at home.  I remembered it as my car crested the hill to the gym. Doh!  Thank goodness for the grace of the one other friend who showed up that day. This morning, though, we did cards.  Seemed like enough. Especially the 40 jump squats.

Ruby will attend another week of YMCA camp.  Flower Power likes it and they like her.  She gets to walk dogs there, too. Where else can you learn to tie knots anymore? I ask you.

knot tyingWhile food shopping today, I kept almost running into a couple of British guys and a little boy, also British.  The boy sat cross-legged in the cart, calling out, “Dad-dy! Dad-dy!” in that adorable accent. 

“Sorry,” one of the Brits said with a sheepish smile as we both tried to maneuver our carts in the post-addled aisles.  “We’re always in your way.” 

I smiled back. No problem, mate.

Did I miss something?  Is Shelton a tourist destination now?  I quenched my nosy 20 questions, fearful of seeming an ugly American, as well as clinging to a certain amount of native reservedness. Accosting total strangers while they shop isn’t my thing. Usually. Perhaps a movie crew is putting a film together. One of them looked an awful lot like Simon Pegg.  Just saying.


Hey, it could happen.