Yesterday, we planned a day of much rejoicing. The new fuel system, long anticipated but never duplicated, would get installed. We could ditch the dot matrix printer and DOS-based operating system.

But no.

The installation technician, Bob, explained to my co-worker, the head mechanic.

“See, we didn’t know the controls for the pedestal weren’t inside the pedestal. They’re mounted on the wall, inside the garage.”

Since that same tech had spent 3 days in the shop, looking at installations and checking out our system, I found all this hard to stomach. Cause nobody took the time to look inside said pedestal. They simply made an assumption.

“Oh, and you need an electrician to do the wiring first.”

The tech smiled a smug smile.

The head mechanic looked him in the eye and said, “This is on you guys. It’s not our responsibility to tell you how to do your job. Plus, I asked about an electrician and you never got back to me.”

Again, not communicated. It all became a communication problem. The problem with communication problems, I’ve found, is that usually someone suffers for them. In this case, it’s us. I managed to scrounge up an electrician on the fly, and a good one, based on the shop guys’ recommendation. But still.

“I’m really disappointed,” I said to the sales rep when I called him on the phone.

That needed communicating.

“Oh,” the rep said, flustered. “I can see how you’d feel that way. You’ve been waiting for months, and Bob’s availability hasn’t been good…”

Nope. Bob had lots of other work in far-flung places. He told me so. And actually, we’ve waited for more than a year in the process of researching, bidding, purchasing, etc.

“Well, Bob called me. He’s working to get you on the schedule,” the rep continued. He confirmed installation won’t occur until mid December, if then.

Awesome. Sigh.

You can see why I’m all too glad tomorrow is a holiday, and the next day is, too. I won’t solve this today, or even tomorrow. I have to believe God knew about all this, including Bob’s ignorance. His timing is perfect. So today, I choose to be thankful for it. I might even dance a little.