2020 Vision

adventure time

The day dawned breezy but dry. I planned to run, but felt I needed the rest. Hey, I stayed up until 10:30 last night. So this a.m. I drank coffee and goofed off until the sun came up. I walked down to the library to drop books in the slot. The sky was a pale blue. Wind ruffled the trees, sounding like a distant stadium full of cheering fans. Today feels like a day borrowed from spring. Dark-eyed juncos chirruped. Then robins and sparrows. I heard the distant grok of a raven. Seagulls floated overhead, careening on the air. The clouds turned ballet pink, then orange. The old year is dead and gone, I reminded myself. New beginnings lie ahead.

So I have a few resolutions for the new year. I know, I know. Didn’t do well last year. But hoping for the best. I want to:

Finish the MPA and graduate in August. This, folks, is top of the pile for 2020. I miss the days when I only went to work and came home. I used to complain about being gone so much; now I’m on a break from school and…so much free time! What did I do with it all? Perspective is everything, truly.

Run 300 miles this year. I think I wrote ‘run 10 miles a week’ last year. Looking at the calendar where I write it all done, I think I hit that goal once time. Heck, I only picked up running again in June. Overall, I ran 146.3 miles. Yes, I count the fractions! Le Garmin tracks it for me.  I know some weeks it won’t be possible. Having an annual goal feels better and more attainable.

Write – something! – every day. I need to keep my hand in. I want to blog at least once a week as well. So there.

Do something fun every day. Going back to school kind of gave me tunnel vision, focused on reading, papers, etc. I struggled to downshift and switch off. I need to find a better balance once class is back in session. Suggestions welcome.

Improve my handwriting. Some of you have seen the chicken scratch that passes for my handwriting. It’s…sad. In the second grade, I had amazing penmanship. Let’s just say that was a long time ago and things have changed since then.

Some resolutions are more personal and harder to quantify. I need to climb out of the perfectionistic self-talk soup I swim in. It’s so engrained. I feel like if I don’t do things perfectly, it isn’t worth celebrating. That’s ridiculous and wrong. I would never hold others to the standards I demand of myself. This will take conscious effort to stop and notice what I’m thinking about and what triggers trip me up.

And for once, I don’t want to lose any weight. I’d like to tone up and get back to exercising for the fun of it. I do love endorphins. Weight is just a number and only tells a tiny part of the health story. I feel really good and expect body recomposition to continue while intermittent fasting. Translation: more muscle mass and less fat over time. Woot!

What are your goals and plans for 2020? I do love a clean slate. Let’s do this!

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.” – Matthew 19:6