Fountain of Youth

Rex and the hot tub.jpg

Zac decided, on a whim, to fill up our hot tub. This particular container has been known to leak. As you can see, the water stayed in. Rex peered at it from behind the sliding doors. He watched it. He pondered it. Finally, I let him outside. He wandered over to the rim of the hot tub. He leaned over and sniffed the water, delicately. He watched his reflection. He walked to the other side of the tub. Then, he drank.


Rex is, in a word, weird. He does strange things. He catches inanimate objects and crows about it, often in the middle of the night. He kills small rodents and leaves them on porches. He talks – a lot – and needs oodles of attention. He spies on Dakota and ambushes her on the regular. He loves music, any music. Rex, in the words of my coworker, Lisa, is an alien.

So it’s no wonder he found the fountain of youth in our backyard. Who knew it was chlorine-laced hose water all along?

Wouldn’t it be great if it were that easy? I’m still trudging around in the boot. I’ll visit Dr. B. on Wednesday, and hopefully move on to physical therapy. What if I found a magic elixir to cure this foot once and for all? Oh, and to make me a teensy bit taller while we’re at it. Say, 2 inches. That’s all I want.

But life isn’t like that. Ponce de Leon looked for it and didn’t find it. He wanted to “cure his aging”. Folks, I believe the only real cure for aging is death. Can I get a witness? So let’s make the most of the life we do have. And don’t drink the nasty pool water.

This is the day the Lord has made.
    We will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24